About Us


For us at Allied Properties, ownership and investment in property is not just a mere business vocation, it runs a lot deeper than this. It is an all-consuming passion that instills great happiness and fulfillment in us and our clients.

ALLIED PROPERTIES & INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD. is a firm of property consultants, with the requisite knowledge, experience, and expertise to handle all aspects of Real Estate investment both locally and internationally.

The company is made up of experienced professionals whose main objective is customer satisfaction in regard to their Real Estate needs. We take pride in our history of providing high-quality services. Our size and scope of operations and our membership in professional bodies have all contributed to our professional competence and relevance.

Core Values

  • Integrity: We pride ourselves in constantly offering a transparent process, in delivering our services to clients.
  • Client-centered: We focus on the satisfaction of our clients by offering quality, swift, and affordable services.
  • Reliable: Our team consists of time-tested industry professionals specializing in real estate management.
  • Experience: We are vastly experienced in this industry, covering both long-term and immediate needs.

Buy or sell your house with

Allied Properties!

Man by his constituent DNA has an inbuilt desire to be territorial/own property. We at Allied Properties are here to provide this service.


To be a leading, forward-thinking firm of property consultants in every market we serve, and to be globally recognized.


To satisfy the demands of our clients by providing a transparent process from beginning to end, making it simple and worry-free via prudent planning, professional knowledge, and ethics.



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